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One Thousand Gifts

~ Spring upon us now. I will miss the snow but loving all the new life that spring brings us.

~ The first round of brooding morning doves on our porch. I love watching them and their baby's

~ Lunch out with my mother and family, always a great day for catching up.

~ The honor of being a auntie to the sweetest niece suffering through cancer and being a trooper about it. She is a very loving person and finds the good in life.

~ Finding a teacher who will re-teach me on the art of Weaving.

~ The cupcake my sweet man left on my bedside table.

~ Finding a new TV series to watch that is not filled with smut or foul language.

~ New recipes to give a go at.

~ Finding pictures that I thought were lost for sure but finding them lost gems just made my day!

~  Watching a movie that is uplifting that makes me laugh and smile.

786 Having a husband with a trade that keeps us going with our cars. It is so expensive to fix cars today. I do not know how others can afford the cost of repairs and up…