This past week my mother was going through her storage and came across her recipes. Now that she can no longer care for herself she decided to get rid of all her cook book and recipes so she passed them down to me. I came across this plastic bag which I know has to be as old or older than me. I was surprised at what was inside. As children we would at each Christmas bake and decorate Ginger Bread Houses for family and friends around us. This was a very big event at our home and one that I am happy to say we still do. Each paper or pattern inside this bag still have traces of sugar, gingerbread and flour I am very surprised that its not covered in ants pppfftt yuck. I remember the pure joy I felt at this time of year having the opportunity to make my own house.
 This is one of many styled houses my mother made
 This is the original recipe paper with all its tape, flour, sugar and traces of molasses  
 Patterns mom created

 The brown spots are actual bits of ginger bread lol


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