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One Thousand Gifts

~ Spring upon us now. I will miss the snow but loving all the new life that spring brings us.

~ The first round of brooding morning doves on our porch. I love watching them and their baby's

~ Lunch out with my mother and family, always a great day for catching up.

~ The honor of being a auntie to the sweetest niece suffering through cancer and being a trooper about it. She is a very loving person and finds the good in life.

~ Finding a teacher who will re-teach me on the art of Weaving.

~ The cupcake my sweet man left on my bedside table.

~ Finding a new TV series to watch that is not filled with smut or foul language.

~ New recipes to give a go at.

~ Finding pictures that I thought were lost for sure but finding them lost gems just made my day!

~  Watching a movie that is uplifting that makes me laugh and smile.

786 Having a husband with a trade that keeps us going with our cars. It is so expensive to fix cars today. I do not know how others can afford the cost of repairs and up…

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom  Thank you for the beautiful day we spent together today Love you bunches

One Thousand Gifts

~ This picture is from the early 60's and is my husbands family, I am so blessed to have met my husband (the one in front is my sweetheart) Unfortunately he lost his father before I came into the picture. But it has been my pleasure to be a part of this beautiful family
~ Today is a "Snow" day, a day spent inside as I watch the snow falling down. Within five hours it has dropped about 5 inches of snow. Love this kind of weather!
~ I have taken advantage of this snow day to go through my mothers recipes and organize them into piles ready to share with my family
~ Sharing Sunday dinner with my family
~ Relief at work last week due to more help being hired to assist
~ Specialty Doctors giving required help to my mother
~ My mother being discharged from the hospital after a weeks stay
~ A surprise visit from my grand baby at work
~ I love that I have received back a letter I had written to my Grandmama when she was still alive over some 30 years ago. It's a window to th…


Although not my birth father, this beautiful man was and always will be my father. We lost him last year and all of us miss him greatly One of my sisters adopted this tree at a park that all of us kids grew up in. This tree sits by the water and a rail road track that for a small price you can ride. My father worked many years for the rail road so my sisters choice was perfect
Another sister while visiting this site stumbled upon pine cones that have an appearance of roses... very fitting. We hope to place a bench here by this coming summer in memory of our father

One Thousand Gifts

One Thousand Gifts Inspired by Taylor Made I am continuing my goal to record One thousand gifts
~ Having had a father figure in my life teaching me and loving me
~ A sister who when needed changed her life circumstance to care for our mom
~ The calming period after the storm
~ The opportunity to delve back into unfinished projects
~ The delight of meeting family for lunch and catching up on the latest news
~ Missing a dear cousin that left this life way to soon who's bright spirit is missed
~ The appreciation of my own life circumstances with the love of my life
~ Better results on my latest blood panel 
~ The loss of 20 + Pounds
~ Enjoying the 8 inches of snow that we woke up to this morning
~ A great talk with my girlfriend
~ A new pair of glasses
#765 Very thankful for the blessings in my life especially for the roof over my head


This past week my mother was going through her storage and came across her recipes. Now that she can no longer care for herself she decided to get rid of all her cook book and recipes so she passed them down to me. I came across this plastic bag which I know has to be as old or older than me. I was surprised at what was inside. As children we would at each Christmas bake and decorate Ginger Bread Houses for family and friends around us. This was a very big event at our home and one that I am happy to say we still do. Each paper or pattern inside this bag still have traces of sugar, gingerbread and flour I am very surprised that its not covered in ants pppfftt yuck. I remember the pure joy I felt at this time of year having the opportunity to make my own house.
 This is one of many styled houses my mother made  This is the original recipe paper with all its tape, flour, sugar and traces of molasses    Patterns mom created
 The brown spots are actual bits of ginger bread lol

Time moves on

Much has happened since my last post, life has been anything but easy... Health problems with my mother, the loss of my father Moving family to new homes and just trying to keep up with the every day life I have really missed being here and blogging my love for life.  Now that things are slowing down I hope to be here more often blogging my heart away. I blog so that in years to come my children and grandchildren will  Know me and the things I loved in life. Its my little thumb print on earth.  I sure would have loved to read thoughts from my ancestors in their  Life and time and what was important to them Happy 2019 Everybody