Six Months Time


It is amazing that it's only been 6 months that I have been MIA here on my blog. I feel as if a whole life time has passed by...

I have been very busy living and loving life to the best of my ability 

In my effort to be more present I thought starting with my Thankful list would be a great place to begin

Inspired by "Taylor Made"

~ Snow falling so much that buildings and nature disappears and 6 year drought called over.

~ Spring buds popping up everywhere 

~ My grand-baby trying to help his Poppy fix the cars

~ Learning a new way of Crocheting called armurriggittuurmmii Well I cannot pronounce it but it's spelled "Amigurumi"

~ Family history, finding through DNA all kinds of family members alive! Soooo great

~ Fun Times with one of my sons 

~ Weaving on a new loom a Christmas gift from my other son and daughter in law

~ A DIY project my son in Sunny California made for his wife (my daughter in law) this past Christmas from a Pallet (He's so clever)

~ Grand-baby trying out his first pair of cowboy boots from Auntie and Uncle... a little unsteady but very cute. They grow up too fast

~ The very beautiful, loving, joyful blessing of becoming a Grandmother again this Late June

~ The great love of books... The heart ache when your dog thinks "Mmm Snack"

~ Nature and all it's stages

#752 Learning a new craft to capture that beauty for all time


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