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Not Gone

I am still here although you do not see me as much... I have found that I have almost no time here on my blog anymore. I am spending all my free time writing, weaving and playing with this new app. It's called "Enlight" all the pictures below are real pictures with filters added... I have been having so much fun. I thought I would share a few.   1. sky with mountains in back ground
 2. two skyline pics
 3. A cloudy day with sun going down at night
 4. Mountains with clouds, took another sunset pic to make the planets
 5. same pic as above just flip-flopped
 6. Two pics One upside down with autumn trees and the other a sunset
 7. Sky of a sunset
 8. My Mandy tree flip-flopped
 9. The grey is a cloudy pic, the color is clouds turned into graffiti
 10. Just some flowers flip-flopped with a portrait inside
 11. Simple painting filter
 12. Same flowers as above with pic added and painting filter
 13. Same pic over lapping three times then cropped the top right corner
14. Dis…