Living a Full Life

I find myself too busy these days to spend a lot of time here... With winter and the approaching Holidays I will hopefully be here more. Here is a bit of what I have been doing ; Writing, Writing and more writing... Gotta get this done for a friend Ann Teva is a name my nephew gave me when he was small it stands for Aunt Eva lol he is so cute
A new app on my phone that I LOOOOOOVVE called Enlight well worth the money I paid for it

My Mandy tree growing and thriving outside but a small bug has been using it as his own personal dinner plate :-(
My dear sweet husband... I am still laughing at his humor. I am never bored with him around.
Him; Hey there is an El Poro Lorco here
Me: What? I can feel bubbles of laughter starting here but waiting to see if I heard him right
Him; Look there is an El Poro Lorco
Me; There are no R's in El Pollo Loco.... laughter is starting to escape
Him; There is when I say it
I laughed so hard... it makes me smile still thinking about it... I love him so
Monday I opened my washing machine to do laundry and something started running around in circles... upon closer inspection I saw this little guy... It's a good thing for him I check before I put my clothes inside, unfortunately for him I had started the water. I caught him and took him outside and let him loose over the fence... He scampered away. I thought he was so cute I could keep him as a pet but no... Hantavirus is bad here, good luck buddy
 My niece taking a picture of her grandfather with the app Snapchat
Love this... I found it walking down the street and picked it up... Looks like a bug but it is just a large weed but I had fun teasing people with it... Hehehe
This is a Praying Mantis egg sack... I've never seen one before. This is at my girlfriends house in Sacramento, she has about four or five of them
 More weaving
 Yikes... Katydid on our bbq
Have a great week Y'all 


  1. oooh! I love all your bugs! and that poor mouse...

  2. Thank you Jandi, I love taking pictures of insects... I found one yesterday and wanted to take a picture but my camera was to full it would not allow me to take any more :-( so I fixed that lol Have a great weekend


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