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The Love of a Grateful Son

Looking through the pictures I have taken over the last year I came across a screen shot message from my son that he sent me on Christmas day 2015. It brought back tears as it did the day he sent it. Somehow I managed raise a beautiful young man in spite of all my short comings as a parent. I miss the opportunity of seeing you sweet pea but I am very grateful that we can talk everyday.
# 739 Appreciation given by a thankful child Dec 25 2015  As I sit here and eat my breakfast on Christmas morning, I want you to know that I am filled with joyful memories of my childhood. I am truly blessed to have the parents that I have. I know that you guys always did everything you could do for us kids, and the memories you helped create for me will stay with me forever. Although it's sad I don't get to see you and give you a hug today, you and dad are in my thoughts and heart. Merry Christmas mom and dad and know that I love you very much.

Potted Sunshine (One Thousand Gifts)

Yellow is usually not a color that I use or purchase things in but these flowers my daughter-in-law planted are sooooooo pretty. I had to take a picture and make this my PC wallpaper. I remember when I was little girl being asked which of all the colors was my favorite. I didn't want to limit myself so I thought about it for a bit and said "All of them." and I still stand by that today.

#738 These flowers feel like a day in a meadow filled with sunshine... For today my favorite color is Yellow! What's yours?

Living a Full Life

I find myself too busy these days to spend a lot of time here... With winter and the approaching Holidays I will hopefully be here more. Here is a bit of what I have been doing ; Writing, Writing and more writing... Gotta get this done for a friend Ann Teva is a name my nephew gave me when he was small it stands for Aunt Eva lol he is so cute A new app on my phone that I LOOOOOOVVE called Enlight well worth the money I paid for it
My Mandy tree growing and thriving outside but a small bug has been using it as his own personal dinner plate :-( My dear sweet husband... I am still laughing at his humor. I am never bored with him around.
Him; Hey there is an El Poro Lorco here
Me: What? I can feel bubbles of laughter starting here but waiting to see if I heard him right
Him; Look there is an El Poro Lorco
Me; There are no R's in El Pollo Loco.... laughter is starting to escape
Him; There is when I say it
I laughed so hard... it makes me smile still thinking about it... I love him so