One Thousand Gifts

Magically hanging leaf... just kidding, can you see the spider web?
 Love this picture because it captures many things
The weather
A unique truck
Inside my environment while working
A gander of what's behind me
A moment in my life recorded :-)
 The return of evening storms
 The beauty my eyes behold... Grateful for sight
 A childhood treat I shockinly found still in production. If you find one give it a go
 Trees all over the Sierra Mountain Range fruiting this year
 I NEVER! Get tired of these special notes left for me to find.
  A secret re-construction of my fathers trailer! He was pleasantly surprised
It only took a little bit of Paint, new wood, some soldering, new reflectors, new electrical wiring, new studs, new tires and a weeks worth of labor, Phew.... Well worth it for the best father around  
The startling white of this Hibiscus flower, gorgeous 
 The last bit of snow left on Mount Rose
 More evening thunder, lightening and rain... My fav time of year
And finally my Pineapple plant... this is not a good picture but the plant is about 4 feet now and going into the beginnings of hibernation for the winter


  1. Love the leaf! Beautiful blooms! Sweet husband! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I love the note your husband left you. Little things like that mean so much, don't they.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Eva! xo


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