One Thousand Gifts

~ Favorite breakfast... it's cool, sweet and just delicious
~ Found two unknown cousins, having fun trying to do family history 
~ The honor of having known another friend who has passed this year :-(
~ My broken loom fixed... "Let the weaving begin"... Again lol
~ A work relocation in the works... Looking forward to that next month!!!!
~ Yellow butterflies following me for the last two weeks
~ And finding black bird feathers practically everywhere I go... Humm Someone saying something?
~ A much larger horse pack roaming our neighborhood this summer. Two new foals 
~ A gift from a co-worker
~ Sun glasses protecting my vision and keeping the eye-headaches away!
# 720 The taste of summer fruits on a hot day, the juicy, sweet variety of our selection right now

Inspired by this lovely lady


  1. Beautiful gifts along with the sadness this week.

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious! I've been having fruit or fruit with yogurt too for breakfast. Too hot for anything else. I'm so glad your loom is repaired because I can see how much you're enjoying weaving.


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