One generation passing the next stepping up

Last week we said goodbye to a friend of 20+ years. It's hard to let go especially when the one you love has a zest for life. Dee Dee was a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.

Dee Dee specifically asked of us to celebrate her life with laughter, love and fun memories.

After becoming a mother Dee Dee became a stay at home mom taking in children to care for so she could stay home with hers. when they were all in school she became class mom to each of her four children. she attended all the events that each of her children were involved in.

When her children married she became a very loved grandmother and she did the same for them attending all the events with them.

Dee Dee was known to let her kids then grand kids eat dessert as an appetizer before what ever meal anyone wanted to eat it at. She was also known to hand out treats when parents did not want any given out telling the grand kids to run as fast and far as they could.

Two of the last things she did were to take a trip to Disney Land which was her most favorite place to be. (In her honor at the service three people she knew whore mickey's large hat from Fantasia)

The second was to ride a water ski something she had never done. One of her grand daughters asked if she wanted to take a ride and she said yes. Laughing they thought she was joking (Dee Dee was a big prankster) With the help of others she was helped down to the shore with her cane and oxygen to the water ski... Once settled on the ski oxygen in place they said "Is that enough now? do you want to go back?" her response was a loud NO... I will tell you when I am ready to go back. So on a water ski trip she went around the lake,

Dee Dee was a twin who lost her sister several years ago but as children they often traded spaces with each other in school and events trying to have a look at each others classes. They were a lot of fun and I miss them a bunch

The service was one filled with love and respect. It was the grand children who made a difference in the ceremony. All of them grown and raw with emotions... They made the service so wonderful by the love and memories they shared. Dee Dee and her children have some pretty exceptional grandchildren.

I am happy to have been a part of her life. Dee Dee you will be missed by many xoxo


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Eva. This is a beautiful tribute to your friend. she sounds like she was much-loved and adored.

    1. Thank you Jandi... She was a significant loss to all of us who knew her but she left behind a wonderful legacy


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