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One Thousand Gifts

~ Favorite breakfast... it's cool, sweet and just delicious ~ Found two unknown cousins, having fun trying to do family history  ~ The honor of having known another friend who has passed this year :-( ~ My broken loom fixed... "Let the weaving begin"... Again lol ~ A work relocation in the works... Looking forward to that next month!!!! ~ Yellow butterflies following me for the last two weeks ~ And finding black bird feathers practically everywhere I go... Humm Someone saying something? ~ A much larger horse pack roaming our neighborhood this summer. Two new foals  ~ A gift from a co-worker ~ Sun glasses protecting my vision and keeping the eye-headaches away! # 720 The taste of summer fruits on a hot day, the juicy, sweet variety of our selection right now
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One generation passing the next stepping up

Last week we said goodbye to a friend of 20+ years. It's hard to let go especially when the one you love has a zest for life. Dee Dee was a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.

Dee Dee specifically asked of us to celebrate her life with laughter, love and fun memories.

After becoming a mother Dee Dee became a stay at home mom taking in children to care for so she could stay home with hers. when they were all in school she became class mom to each of her four children. she attended all the events that each of her children were involved in.

When her children married she became a very loved grandmother and she did the same for them attending all the events with them.

Dee Dee was known to let her kids then grand kids eat dessert as an appetizer before what ever meal anyone wanted to eat it at. She was also known to hand out treats when parents did not want any given out telling the grand kids to run as fast and far as they could.

Two of the last things she did wer…

One Thousand Gifts

~ The enjoyment of a bit more energy this week
~ Happy that I can see for now... not taking eyesight for granted anymore (will enjoy it as long as I can)
~ Fresh summer fruit always makes my heart happy
~ The sweet taste of a creamy Popsicle melting down my throat (not good for me but mmmmmm)
~ Time
~ Memories
~ Coolness of the evening breeze through my window
~ Family
~ Sunglasses on a too bright sunny day
~ Weaving a new sampler
~ My parents having returned home safely after being gone a month from a much needed vacation
~ Grateful that my mother in law made it through her surgery and is now in the process of recuperating
~ A chance to see all the great old cars cruising around our town getting ready for Hot August Nights
# 709 Scriptures for guidance
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One Thousand Gifts

~ A chance to learn how to fix broken selvage threads

~ Weaving

~ Weaving

~ Weaving

~ Oh and did I mention Weaving lol

~ I finally saved up enough to purchase my new loom! I am so in love with it. Made between the late 1940's and early 1950's once owned by author and designer Lois Ericson  and purchased from her daughter. It needs cleaning but I am up for the challenge (ssooooooo excited)

~ A visit from some friends and a lovely dinner out
~ Finding a couple boxes of books to read.... Yay makes my heart happy
~ The sweet smells of summer especially the pine trees 
~ This little guy at 6 months old sitting up all by himself. He is a very intent full child The kids took him to sesame street live and he watched non stop for one full hour. he is always watching and learning. If you talk to him he watches your face as if he understands every word

# 695 Another story in the making

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