Weaving Class

Things in our lives have really taken a hard right turn. Some roads are good others not so much but we adjust as we go. There most definitely has been changes in our life style, our needs, our wants and desires. I know that this is such a big part of life... all the turns that we take leading us here and there. But this time I am really aware of it all. Aware of life and how we all interact together, some struggle, some don't and some are so unaware that they wander helpless through life continuously looking for... Who knows what. I guess what I am saying is that it feels like we are on a new adventure, a new life and figuring it out as we go along. Finding the Joy in the new and holding tight to each other and making the best of what has been given to us. 

My husband and I are simply taking it one day at a time separating our self from the plethora of distractions in life and spending more time focusing on each other. 

For me a huge change has been learning how to weave, a life long desire finally realized after my 50 some years on this earth I took the plunge and have started weaving. 

This picture below is my very first attempt at winding the warp threads onto my loom. I had so much joy in each step of the process that I am now saving up money to purchase a loom for myself. The loom below is a rental. 

If you want you can find me over at "aroundthecorneranddownthelane.blogspot.com" (my site dedicated just to weaving) Weaving my little heart out. It takes time to make a piece of art and there in lies the love... The physical act of winding, threading, weaving and creating... 

You see each strand of yarn? I had to thread each one. Weaving is a manual project and I am loving each step of the way. Learning to weave makes my heart happy... I can hardly wait until my first project is done. YAY!


  1. It sounds like a lot is happening! Weaving sounds like a wonderful activity!

    1. Thank you Jandi, A lot is swirling around but mostly good things... I fell in love with weaving when I first laid eyes upon a loom! I am so excited that I am finally weaving.

  2. Good for you, Eva, for fulfilling a lifelong dream. It's something I've always wanted to try.
    I'm sorry for any new hardships you're experiencing. I hope things get better for you.

    1. Thank you Susan, yes finally realized I am so excited! Thank you, Hardships are always a partner with us but we press on... My husband is better though not recovered completely so we will see what happens next month when he visits the surgeon


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