One Thousand Gifts

Well it has been more than a month since I have recorded my Thankful blessings so I am staying up after midnight doing so... Yawn... To bed after a long productive day comes next

~ Learning the art of Weaving

~ I now belong to the Reno Weavers Guild... It was great to meet a few special ladies

~ A productive mess to work with while I learn weaving

~ The sampler I made is turning out pretty good... well at least I think it is

~ The physical part of weaving is repetitive and relaxing

~ My heart is so happy while weaving

~ Spending my birthday with my girlfriend on her birthday having a girls day out

~ Friendships that last, that are meaningful and significant in my life

~ A grandson that makes me smile

~ Great birthday gifts

~ Another girls day out this time with my sister xoxox

~ Special moments spent with the love of my life

~ Cold Popsicle on a sore throat (All better now)

~ Relief from a bad headache lasting two weeks

~ Laughing on the phone with my other sister (we can sure get silly)

~ Grateful for all my siblings... each one with a very different and unique personality

~ Having known a special woman who later in life suffered significantly but is now at rest. She will be missed very much by many

~ Reading... a love that has been rekindled and is now in full mode.

    1. Frozen in Time by Mitchell Zuckoff. A world war II rescue in Greenland
    2. The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Good story but it's about a psychopath serial killer (not              
         recommended and I will not be reading it again)
    3. Obsession by Nora Roberts... I am not a romance reader but this one was ok
And currently in the process of reading the following:
The Dog who Saved me, The heart of the sea, Tea for three and A Man Called OVE

~ A total reorganization of our bedroom closets... Phew now I can see everything YAY!

~ A visit to see my son in California but was unable to catch my daughter in law (She was working)

~ An acknowledgment given to me at work by my boss... Feels nice to be recognized for a job well done

~ High desert flowers blooming everywhere... So pretty

~ Making new friends

# 683 Making it through another year yet still missing my sweet baby girl... Love you baby girl


  1. Sounds like weaving has opened another world to you! Glad to hear you are feeling better! Your grandson is adorable- love those little feet in the last photo!

  2. Weaving has opened another world and an opportunity for new friendships! Thank you I think he is adorable too :-)


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