Another Year Another Herd

I will never get tired of the summer wanderings of these beauties. 
Our apple trees and cherry trees are in great bloom this year and they are showing up each day and night checking the progress in anticipation of a sweet treat to come

 I have seen this herd before but not for some time. No new babies here... maybe in the next herd


  1. they are so beautiful! I would also be SO excited to see them! <3

    1. I love horses and they do bring everything around my house to a screeching halt so I can watch them lol <3

  2. I love seeing them here each year too...such a beautiful scene.

    1. I do too! I was worried that they would not show up this summer because the watering holes were filled this winter and the vegetation grew so well they were not as hungry but they remember the delicious apples and sweet flowers in our neighborhood


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