One Thousand Gifts

 ~ A surprise lilac bush beside my bedroom window sending in it's heavenly scent

~ Morning doves greeting me each morning with their mournful cry's

~ Watching the Doves feed their little ones in the nest they built in the tree by my other window (I will try to get pictures but don't want to upset them

~ The beauty of this mornings thunder storm and dark clouds

~ Home made turkey enchiladas by my sweet husband (Very yummy)

# 658 The pure joy my heart still feels each time I see my husband (I love that man)


  1. wow these white flowers are really so pretty and the way you told about their fragrance i can almost smell it dear,

    loved the lines you said about your hubby ,i love the wives who adore their life partners ,god bless you and family dear

    1. Thank you Baili, I was sure surprised to find them blooming outside my window. Thank you so much, I do very much love my husband. We have been married 35 years and known each other 37 years. When people ask me how do you to that I reply, "It's all about the other partner not yourself"

  2. What a sweet sweet list.......wish we had smell blogs to smell that perfume of the those beautiful flowers. Xxx


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