One Thousand Gifts

~ A husband who still after 35 years can make my heart happy

~ Getting off work late only to find that my car has a full tank of gas... Wonder who did that lol

~ Getting home and finding that my car's been smoged and registered :-)

~ A re-organization of the master bedroom... Love the new layout

~ Yay! My auntie is back in town... Hoping to see her Saturday

~ Although my prospect did not work out... I am very happy about the situation I am currently in

~ My auntie just called as I am recording my list! We have a date whoop, whoop, whoop

~ Friends who even if not spoken to in a while can pick right up where we left off

~ A son who cherishes me

~ Sooooo happy that I found a new used bookstore! They have such great books

~ Kristie Baker... A woman helping me through tough issues... Thank you Kristie

~ delicious food from a sustainable restaurant (only one in town)

# 651 A decisive choice made to change things up a little in life that I know will bring joy

Inspired by this lovely lady


  1. You have a very sweet husband! Sounds like exciting things are happening in your life!

    1. Thank you, I am amazed at how our love continues to grow year after year. I had a co-worker one time scoff at me when I told her that keeping a relationship strong is hard work. She said laughingly that it's not... I guess this explains why she has been married, divorced and now living with a boyfriend...

  2. Your lists are always full of life changing moments....having people in your life that are very special is a great thing to be thankful for every day. xxxx


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