One Thousand Gifts "Living On The Edge"

That's what my husband says "Living on the edge is the only way to live" Well this past week he almost fell off that edge.
I am very happy that he allowed me to take him to ER. After many tests, 1 surgery and a 6 day stay in the hospital he is home and recuperating.

#652 The blessing of being in a country that has advanced medical care to save my husbands life!
Here is my sweet husband in the hospital trying to smile... When I took this picture he said "Don't put that picture on FB!" SOoooo, I put it here. He was embarrassed about his unshaven face after six days and did not want to look sloppy. I'm just happy he is still alive! The Vascular Surgeon told us on the morning he discharged my sweet man that he would have been dead within two weeks or less had he stayed home. We still have issues to deal with but nothing to bad. He is going back to work on Monday. He had Ministering Angels watching out for him and us this month and I am so grateful for this blessing! 


  1. OMG Eva,
    What a blessed man he has to have such an intuitive wife who knows when to force the issue....hope the recovery is smooth and that life has so many more fantastic things in store for you both. xxx

  2. Oh Eva! I am so happy he is on the mend! Prayers for a full recovery!


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