Mandy's Tree, Apples and Thunder Clouds

My Mandy tree is really growing and it makes my heart so happy. I still do not know what it is yet, tree or bush or even the species. I will need to take it to the nursery... I've still not done that yet :-(
Here are some apple buds on our treat tree in the front yard. Last year there were no treats for the horses, not a single apple grew because of a late freeze. This year after it started to bud we had a snow but I hope that this is proof that we will have some apples this year.

Then after a visit to my Auntie and uncle's we came home to sky's turned dark. Then we had rain and thunder... My favorite weather

 It was pretty dark but I love it that way
Happy week everyone.


  1. Dear Eva, I was just wondering about Mandy's tree this morning! Hopefully you will get lots of apples for the horses! And that storm looks like it was pretty impressive! Have a beautiful week!

    1. Thank you Jandi, I am so very happy that the tree is growing... I am going to take it to Home Depot today and see if they can tell me more about it. I love the weather here in Reno it's always changing

  2. What a contrast...the beauty of your plants and the Brodie very dark skies.....glad that nature is going to provide for those beautiful horses of yours this Spring x

    1. Thank you Bron, I was sad when the snow fell but it looks like the tree was not ready to flower. I am so excited that it did not freeze and is flowering now... Can't wait :-)


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