The Pitter Patter of Little Ghost Feet

I do believe that we have a playful.... Ghost, spirit or what ever you want to call it. We have two touch lamps in our office that need to be touched to turn on. Often we find them on and no one has turned them on. I have tried bumping them on, touching them on with objects other than skin but nothing works other than touching them with your bare hands. (Please excuse the dust)

Here this morning I found this lamp on and the other off, Two days ago both were on. They have three settings of brightness and are usually on the low setting when mysteriously turned on. One minute they are off and then the next they are on and no one notices it. I am not spooked but my family are. Often when they sit on the back porch they see some one walking into the kitchen. When they come in to see what's going on no one is there. This happens a lot!!! I myself was sitting in the front room one day right next to the door when someone knocked on the wood door. When I opened the door I found that the security door was closed tight and no one was there. When you open the security door to knock it makes a very distinctive noise that was absent that day. Other times when home alone I hear the floor boards in the other room creaking as boots thump across the floor in my direction. Thinking that someone has come home I go out to see who it is... and no one is there. More things happen but nothing scary or harmful. We live in an area that was close to a minors camp during the silver rush days of Virginia City... Maybe they are the haunting's of the men who lived, loved and worked here?
Either way it's fun and makes me smile when I see them on. Someone's way of saying hello
On a lighter note 
I took my Mandy tree to Home Depot today and had them try to figure out what the species was... Drum roll please.... LOL just kidding. They think it is a "River Birch" I think they are right. My little tree needs constant watering or the leaves slightly wilt... I was wondering why a tree needed so much water and such moist soil and now I have my answer. They did give me a bit of warning though... They said that this tree is a fast growing tree and I can believe that. The picture below was taken on Sunday and the one below that is the first picture taken two weeks after valentines day... What a difference
Now I have to find a bigger pot lol


  1. Your ghost sounds totally harmless! And yay for finding out what type of tree it is!

    1. Thank you Jandi, I was so excited to learn what species it is. I have to re-pot it already... I will post pictures later

  2. Someone is acknowledging your presence there. My brother and his family live in a home built in the 1800's and several years ago, there were a few incidents that let them know that there was someone from long, long ago still living in their home. So interesting, isn't it?

    1. Yes absolutely! I have seen figures out of the corner of my eyes but have never felt in danger. There was one day though while lightly sleeping I felt the covers pulled up over my feet. Looking up no one was there, I chalked that one up to someone not wanting my feet to get cold lol I went back to sleep :-)


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