Daughter of Mine

Daughter of mine

Where do I go, what should I do
When you left me here I broke into two
Shuffling my feet each step filled with pain
Wanting, no needing to hold you again
Wishes and dreams unfulfilled in your life
The void of your loss brings struggle and strife
I weep, I sleep, and I struggle each day
Wanting, no needing, there’re things I would say
The sweet baby angel on loan from the Lord
When he called you back home I felt bereft and forlorn
I know he is with you sharing his light
But each and every day is a continuous fight
Fighting for breath and a reason to live
You come in a dream and beg me, momma live
My dear precious momma let your light shine
You are beautiful and lovely, remember your mine
You held me in sickness, in good and the bad
You gave me a great life so please don’t be sad
I love you my mother with heart soul and might
So please hear me and listen, live life with delight
Delight for the love and the life you gave me
For the life that I lived was perfect, you and me
I love you dear momma so please hear my plea
Find joy in your life while you remember me
Dear daughter my love I hear your sweet voice
I will live my life with love and rejoice
I’m a mother to a daughter so precious and dear
I will live my life love and remember you here
Remember you sweet voice and laughter and song
Remember the good times now that you’re gone
Thank you sweet angel for the love from your heart
Remember sweet angel we’ll never be a part

Written by Eva Spell


  1. Poignantly beautiful... Oh dear Eva, it must be so hard... <3

    1. Yes, some days are more difficult than others but I am coping better as time moves forward. Thank you Jandi Have a great weekend

  2. {tears} you put it into words so so so beautifully......xxxxxxx


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