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Sharing Love

Sometimes the biggest and best things in life are small. There are many within my sphere that I love so much!
When my husband was in the hospital he received mail from my Auntie and Uncle. Inside the envelope was this letter

This simple note, one that only took a minute or two to make made a tear appear. (a happy tear) This message is a tradition that my Auntie does when someone is sick, had surgery and so on. I was so touched that she took the time to do this for Joe. Below is the picture of his band aid that we put on his booboo
Many people surrounded our family to show love and support! I am so grateful for the family and friends that I have in my life. I thank all of you from the depth of our souls for your support xoxo. I hope that I never get the chance to return that favor... But... If needed I will be there for you too Love you all. xoxo

One Thousand Gifts "Living On The Edge"

That's what my husband says "Living on the edge is the only way to live" Well this past week he almost fell off that edge.
I am very happy that he allowed me to take him to ER. After many tests, 1 surgery and a 6 day stay in the hospital he is home and recuperating.

#652 The blessing of being in a country that has advanced medical care to save my husbands life!
Here is my sweet husband in the hospital trying to smile... When I took this picture he said "Don't put that picture on FB!" SOoooo, I put it here. He was embarrassed about his unshaven face after six days and did not want to look sloppy. I'm just happy he is still alive! The Vascular Surgeon told us on the morning he discharged my sweet man that he would have been dead within two weeks or less had he stayed home. We still have issues to deal with but nothing to bad. He is going back to work on Monday. He had Ministering Angels watching out for him and us this month and I am so grateful for this …

The Pitter Patter of Little Ghost Feet

I do believe that we have a playful.... Ghost, spirit or what ever you want to call it. We have two touch lamps in our office that need to be touched to turn on. Often we find them on and no one has turned them on. I have tried bumping them on, touching them on with objects other than skin but nothing works other than touching them with your bare hands. (Please excuse the dust)
Here this morning I found this lamp on and the other off, Two days ago both were on. They have three settings of brightness and are usually on the low setting when mysteriously turned on. One minute they are off and then the next they are on and no one notices it. I am not spooked but my family are. Often when they sit on the back porch they see some one walking into the kitchen. When they come in to see what's going on no one is there. This happens a lot!!! I myself was sitting in the front room one day right next to the door when someone knocked on the wood door. When I opened the door I found that the s…

Mandy's Tree, Apples and Thunder Clouds

My Mandy tree is really growing and it makes my heart so happy. I still do not know what it is yet, tree or bush or even the species. I will need to take it to the nursery... I've still not done that yet :-(
Here are some apple buds on our treat tree in the front yard. Last year there were no treats for the horses, not a single apple grew because of a late freeze. This year after it started to bud we had a snow but I hope that this is proof that we will have some apples this year.

Then after a visit to my Auntie and uncle's we came home to sky's turned dark. Then we had rain and thunder... My favorite weather

 It was pretty dark but I love it that way Happy week everyone.

Daughter of Mine

Daughter of mine
Where do I go, what should I do When you left me here I broke into two Shuffling my feet each step filled with pain Wanting, no needing to hold you again Wishes and dreams unfulfilled in your life The void of your loss brings struggle and strife I weep, I sleep, and I struggle each day Wanting, no needing, there’re things I would say The sweet baby angel on loan from the Lord When he called you back home I felt bereft and forlorn I know he is with you sharing his light But each and every day is a continuous fight Fighting for breath and a reason to live You come in a dream and beg me, momma live ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My dear precious momma let your light shine You are beautiful and lovely, remember your mine You held me in sickness, in good and the bad You gave me a great life so please don’t be sad I love you my mother with heart soul and might So please hear me and listen, live life with delight Delight for the love and the life you gave me For the life that I lived was pe…

One Thousand Gifts

~ A husband who still after 35 years can make my heart happy

~ Getting off work late only to find that my car has a full tank of gas... Wonder who did that lol

~ Getting home and finding that my car's been smoged and registered :-)

~ A re-organization of the master bedroom... Love the new layout

~ Yay! My auntie is back in town... Hoping to see her Saturday

~ Although my prospect did not work out... I am very happy about the situation I am currently in

~ My auntie just called as I am recording my list! We have a date whoop, whoop, whoop

~ Friends who even if not spoken to in a while can pick right up where we left off

~ A son who cherishes me

~ Sooooo happy that I found a new used bookstore! They have such great books

~ Kristie Baker... A woman helping me through tough issues... Thank you Kristie

~ delicious food from a sustainable restaurant (only one in town)

# 651 A decisive choice made to change things up a little in life that I know will bring joy

Inspired by this lovely lad…

The Villain in my book "The Corvidae"

Here is a brief part of the villain in the story I said I would share. This is a rough draft and un-edited so please excuse all errors and enjoy. A bit of warning though my girlfriend felt this was a dark chapter... well maybe but this is his back story. A small bit about his beginnings 
She was at it again, drinking, he despised her for that. At the tender age of 12 Gabriel had experienced more abuse and grief than most grown men had. Anger welled up in his heart, red hot burning anger. Not wanting to get in her way Gabriel shrank backward into the shadows of the hall as she passed. Hopefully she would be too drunk for the beating he usually got when she'd come home, which lately was almost every night.
The stench of booze and a dirty body followed in her wake making his stomach lurch. He covered his mouth to keep from vomiting and swore that this time he would run away for good. He had tried several times in the past to run away but each time his Step mother managed someho…