Organic Honey w/Lemon and Ginger

I will not list all the benefits you get from honey, Lemons and Ginger but I know it helps nausea, has antibacterial properties and helps your skin. So when my mother had surgery and the pain meds made her nausiated I made us both a batch.

Little did I know that I would need it myself this morning . I was very pleasantly surprised how fast the nausea subsided and then went away.

I took a generous table spoonful of the honey mix added it to a cup of hot water.
A couple sips later and I received relief and by the time the cup was empty... The nausea was gone! Yay... Nausea is the worst

Here is a link to instructions on Pinterest the are petty much the same.

The only note I would add is turning the jar a couple times a week will keep it mixed also stir it before use. It will last two months in the refrigerator... Good stuff


  1. that honey looks so lovely! have a beautiful week! <3

  2. It looks divine...I am not a fan of ginger though. It is great when something so good for you works so quickly. Sending good health wishes to you. xxx


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