One Thousand Gifts

~ The smell of fresh growing pine trees basking in the suns light

~ An opportunity to help so many

~ Working with an amazing woman who has been offering her assistance in specific areas for me

~ A Rose bush a gift from my husband... He knows that I miss my rose bushes in California

~ Time for meditation

~ The honor of knowing a wonderful man who will be missed by his family, community and us

~ Gel ice packs.... A wonderful invention that my back appreciates

~ Three brand new babies born in our family in the last four months

~ Finding four cousins I have not met yet and through technology communicating with them

~ My first story started over 4 years ago gaining momentum. I wish I had more time to write the stories ruminating around in my head. Maybe I will share a paragraph this weekend...? maybe

~ Annabella, Kirarah, Niki, Gwen, Amanda, Colleen all very real and alive in my brain as I continue their adventures.

~ I love to write! If I could write all day I would (it matters not if I am any good, I love to create and writing allows that!

#638 A beautiful orange tabby cat living in our back yard under the shed...(a new story? humm) In the three years we have lived here I've never seen a cat. I will try and protect him as there are wild coyotes in our neighborhood. He will help with the mice population too!

Inspired by this lovely lady


  1. Hi Eva, love that picture! Your husband sounds so sweet! Would love to read some of your writing! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Thank you Jandi you as well

  3. We have so much to be thankful for. Can't wait to read some of your writing, Eva. Have you ever thought of self-publishing your stories? It's a route so many authors take these days.

  4. Another glimpse into your very interesting life.....stories bubbling over...oh do make time to write and share them with lots of others xxxx


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