One Thousand Gifts

Well things did settle down for about three days and then started back up again... I miss my blogging space but am hurrying to make this post before running out the front door for a day of work
~ Warm sun on cool days

~ New projects with my sister

~ A shared family recipe to try out this weekend

~ Although missing my little blogging space here... having things to be busy with

~ My girlfriends

~ A new direction in life not quite figured out but ideas forming

~ The inspiration to start another book from my Mandy tree

~ Mini sized York Peppermint patties... Mmmm (maybe someone should hide them from me)

~ New prospect on the horizon... :-) will share if it works out

~ Date with my favorite man

~ The freedom that driving gives me

~ Kind words from a stranger that makes my heart smile

~ A hugg from a out of state friend stopping in for the day

~ Loving the pretty beginnings of spring with the color popping up everywhere  

~ A day spent with my parents

~ My alarm reminding me that I have to go now lol

# 612 Being on the mend after a small virus

Inspired by this lovely lady

Here is Mandy's tree starting to really take off! (I hope I can keep it going)


  1. It sounds very exciting on your horizon.....glad you have some lovely things to look forward to in the coming days...always helps when the tougher things creep up on us. Love your list xxxxx


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