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One Thousand Gifts

~ The smell of fresh growing pine trees basking in the suns light

~ An opportunity to help so many

~ Working with an amazing woman who has been offering her assistance in specific areas for me

~ A Rose bush a gift from my husband... He knows that I miss my rose bushes in California

~ Time for meditation

~ The honor of knowing a wonderful man who will be missed by his family, community and us

~ Gel ice packs.... A wonderful invention that my back appreciates

~ Three brand new babies born in our family in the last four months

~ Finding four cousins I have not met yet and through technology communicating with them

~ My first story started over 4 years ago gaining momentum. I wish I had more time to write the stories ruminating around in my head. Maybe I will share a paragraph this weekend...? maybe

~ Annabella, Kirarah, Niki, Gwen, Amanda, Colleen all very real and alive in my brain as I continue their adventures.

~ I love to write! If I could write all day I would (it matters not if I …

Spring is in the Air... Well kinda

Every flowering bush or tree has started its beautiful explosion of color. I love to see all the beauty that surrounds us this time of year.

 My Easter Lilly Well.... This is what I woke up to this morning... '0' I was so surprised. I absolutely love the snow but now my horses will have no apples again this summer Grrrrrrrr poor baby's. If it wasn't illegal to feed them I would put apples out morning and night, but we have had to many wild horses killed because they get spooked by cars and then get run over.

 below the tree in the middle is one of the apple trees... It just started to bud
My husky loves to roll around in the snow... My Shi Tzu would stay inside all day if he didn't have to... well you know what dogs do lol
See all my pretty flowers... aw... too bad they will all be gone when the snow stops in three days. Over night we went from no snow to eight inches and it's not suppose to stop until Wednesday

One Thousand Gifts

~ More snow fall this past week

~ Hot weather staved off for another week or more

~ The privilege and honor to have known such a special man

~ The Gospel

~ A gathering of love and support

~ A new book to read

~ A burden lifted

~ Warm Organic honey, lemon, ginger tea

~ Little love notes from my Sweet man

~ Fresh garden salad

~ Diner out with my Sweet man

~ Sleeping with my window open to enjoy the coldness before the summer arrives

# 625 Willing, helpful and loving family

Inspired by this lovely lady

Organic Honey w/Lemon and Ginger

I will not list all the benefits you get from honey, Lemons and Ginger but I know it helps nausea, has antibacterial properties and helps your skin. So when my mother had surgery and the pain meds made her nausiated I made us both a batch.

Little did I know that I would need it myself this morning . I was very pleasantly surprised how fast the nausea subsided and then went away.

I took a generous table spoonful of the honey mix added it to a cup of hot water.
A couple sips later and I received relief and by the time the cup was empty... The nausea was gone! Yay... Nausea is the worst

Here is a link to instructions on Pinterest the are petty much the same.

The only note I would add is turning the jar a couple times a week will keep it mixed also stir it before use. It will last two months in the refrigerator... Good stuff

One Thousand Gifts

Well things did settle down for about three days and then started back up again... I miss my blogging space but am hurrying to make this post before running out the front door for a day of work
~ Warm sun on cool days

~ New projects with my sister

~ A shared family recipe to try out this weekend

~ Although missing my little blogging space here... having things to be busy with

~ My girlfriends

~ A new direction in life not quite figured out but ideas forming

~ The inspiration to start another book from my Mandy tree

~ Mini sized York Peppermint patties... Mmmm (maybe someone should hide them from me)

~ New prospect on the horizon... :-) will share if it works out

~ Date with my favorite man

~ The freedom that driving gives me

~ Kind words from a stranger that makes my heart smile

~ A hugg from a out of state friend stopping in for the day

~ Loving the pretty beginnings of spring with the color popping up everywhere  

~ A day spent with my parents

~ My alarm reminding me that I have to go…