Our Winter of Snow

It has been one fantastic winter for me and our Sierra Mountain Range. Our poor reservoirs were depleted and the snow pack in the Sierras was the lowest it's been in 500 years... Here are some pictures of our winter snow fall from October to present. They are in order starting from the one above in October until the bottom one I think taken last week

 See the icicles forming on this house from the daily melting and refreezing of the snow 

 Can you see the lake? Here is a little info about Lake Tahoe

 The snow came down so fast on this day. It was about four inches here
In these two pictures and behind the snow piles are buildings. The snow fell so much this year that when they cleaned the streets off the piles grew taller than the buildings

 I Would love to live here

 This place is called the "Reindeer Lodge"

 This cloud is floating in a way that you can see the mountain behind it... So cool

 The Reindeer Lodge again
The snow runoff is starting to fill the streams, rivers, lake and reservoirs but I kind of hope for more snow before spring starts. They expect a bit more this weekend coming up... I sure hope so


  1. Absolutely beautiful winter photos, Eva! I can tell you're enjoying this weather.

    1. Thank you Susan I am sooooo loving this winter and all it's snow

  2. What a winter! Love the rainbow pic! *<3

    1. Yes! and just when I thought it was over we had around two inches of snow fall in our yard last night... Yay I love the snow lol

  3. What an amazing set of photos.....you have captured your winter season so well. It is so pretty. Xxxxx


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