Nana's Binder of Memories

Sorry I missed last Sunday's post I've no excuse lol but here I am today. Here is a copy of the front of the binder that our Auntie gave to me. (She is so organized) When my Nana passed she took all the memorabilia she found and put it in a binder. She has kept it for some time now enjoying each page and now has passed it to us to enjoy. 
Here is a picture of a album she had.... Mom, does this look familiar??? Yes it's the same as Grams photo album... It must have been a popular item at that time.
This album does not have pictures but writings. By the wear and tear it looks like it was loved and read often.

Update: I had intended to post this on Sunday passed but after reading this album I discovered that it did not belong to my Nana but to someone named A. E. Craigo. I had to find out who this was and so I went on a search. I found out through a cousin of mine that Craigo is on my Nana's side but have not found her on family search but I found others and have discovered that one of my ancestors was Sarah Hatfield! Who knew... So this post was not what I expected it to be when I started but felt I needed to post something to my siblings. I will try and find out more later


  1. so much fun uncovering all these 'mysteries'...

    1. Yes it is! I was so surprised to have this gift from 1905


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