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Looking for signs

I believe that when our loved ones pass away from this life they try and leave us messages to let us know they are still with us, watching over us and sending their love in what ever way we will be open to receive it. Only recently have I been open enough to see them. It's not that I didn't want to see them it's just that I was not in a place to recognize or receive them until recently. 
I think I will start keeping a journal of each experience I have... The back of my One Thousand Gifts journal will work nicely. Keeping both these precious things together! 
One of these experiences happened to me this past Valentin's day while visiting the cemetery. While standing at Mandy's grave side I happened to look down and see a tree growing on her plot. A feeling of joy and love came over me and it felt like my Mandy was saying this is a gift for you. I knew I needed to save it because the cemetery is very well tended and when the grass starts to grow they will pull it out…

Our Winter of Snow

It has been one fantastic winter for me and our Sierra Mountain Range. Our poor reservoirs were depleted and the snow pack in the Sierras was the lowest it's been in 500 years... Here are some pictures of our winter snow fall from October to present. They are in order starting from the one above in October until the bottom one I think taken last week

 See the icicles forming on this house from the daily melting and refreezing of the snow