One Thousand Gifts

~ Getting back to a place in life where I can start spending more time blogging again

~ Becoming a Nana 

~ Enjoying the all winter long snow

~ Beauty in the glistening snow as it melts

~  New boots to keep my feet dry when I step into the large melted snow puddles

~ A new boss at work whom I like and get along with

~ Making some strides in defining who I am after the loss of my sweet baby girl

~ A sister who gave me a sweet and very lovely compliment. I call her my Mini Me lol

~ Reading a new book called Dead Weight and loving it

# 585 Starting a new TV series and loving it.


  1. beautiful blessings all around!

  2. Glad 2016 is shaping up to be a year of healing and being kind to yourself....lovely to see snippets of you doing those care things for yourself......and huge congrats again on the nana status xxxxxxxxxx


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