Nana's Binder of Memories

Airowona Juanita DeLong-Williams
sorry the pictures is so dirty it came in the binder that way but it is a great image

This is my Nana on my paternal side. I would have loved to have grown up around her but we didn't. 
As an adult I tried to spend as much time with her as I could and am so happy that I did. When she passed I was not ready to say good bye but when God calls people home they go. I miss her. 

My auntie gave me a binder of things that Nana had saved and so like I did for my other gram Granny's Box of Papers I am going to share them here with my siblings... There's not much compared to Gram's Items but fun to go through anyway. 

Today I am just sharing the love I felt from this matriarch. 

My Nana was a person whom I loved to visit. She always made me feel completely loved just for who I was. When we would go for a visit she would wrap her arms around us and you would feel the love in them. 

Our visits were very far and few between but when we visited it was a party. All the aunts and uncles and cousins would come over and visit with us. Everyone pulled out their musical instruments and played. We loved it so much and would sit on the floor and try to sing along. Johnny Cash was a favorite of theirs so I grew up listening to his music. 

I can remember the room being filled up with smoke from the many cigarettes everyone chain smoked. It was so bad that you could watch the smoke swirl around in the foggy haze that twenty smokers smoke filled the house with. It was worse than a smoke filled bar. It was not good for anyone but especially us little ones, back then we didn't know what smoking did to our lungs. 

My Nana was a very helpful woman and often helped out with any project that anyone was doing. She didn't drive but would be picked up by the one needing help and stay until finished or even come back the next day. She would sit for hours cutting, gluing, cooking, wrapping and so on.

That reminds me of a favorite thing she did for us once in a while at Christmas when my parents would visit. She would decorate a coffee can with felt cut outs and sequins then fill it with individually wrapped candies that she (with the help of her children) had spent a month preparing for all her grandchildren. Each sweet delight was wrapped in foil and to us it was like opening a gift with each morsel, you never knew what you were opening but always excited and surprise at what you got.

Everything was home made... here is a list of what we received... Two or three kinds of fudge, rice crispy treats, divinity, turtles (just hard chow mein noodles covered in chocolate) free flowing M&M's and popcorn and some others that do not come to mind right now. Once in a while there would be a tangerine and nuts. She did such a wonderful job and to us as dirt poor as we were felt like we had hit a jackpot. Oh my goodness... she really made some fun memories and times for us kids with that treat. We often would trade each other for candies that we liked more than the others, or use them as a bribe lol

I love my Nana very much and miss her even more.

As an adult when I visited her each month we had so much fun going places or just staying home. We would talk about things or hours always finding interesting subjects... Some times we sat and watched Soaps, "Price is right" and her favorite show "Little house on the prairie."

Her favorite place to eat was "Kentucky Fried Chicken" or "Arbys" so I would take her and we had lots of laughs with each other... When it came time for me to go she stood crying as I drove away, Sometimes I would pull back into the drive for another hug but she would say "I will be okay you go and I will see you next month" It tore my heart out each month to leave but I was four hours away from her with little ones at home.

I would not trade the memories of what we did for anything. They are among the best I have growing up and as an adult. I love you Nana and miss you a lot.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your Nana! She sounds like a wonderful person! <3


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