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One Thousand Gifts

~ Getting back to a place in life where I can start spending more time blogging again
~ Becoming a Nana 
~ Enjoying the all winter long snow
~ Beauty in the glistening snow as it melts
~  New boots to keep my feet dry when I step into the large melted snow puddles
~ A new boss at work whom I like and get along with
~ Making some strides in defining who I am after the loss of my sweet baby girl
~ A sister who gave me a sweet and very lovely compliment. I call her my Mini Me lol
~ Reading a new book called Dead Weight and loving it
# 585 Starting a new TV series and loving it.

Nana's Binder of Memories

Airowona Juanita DeLong-Williams sorry the pictures is so dirty it came in the binder that way but it is a great image
This is my Nana on my paternal side. I would have loved to have grown up around her but we didn't.  As an adult I tried to spend as much time with her as I could and am so happy that I did. When she passed I was not ready to say good bye but when God calls people home they go. I miss her. 
My auntie gave me a binder of things that Nana had saved and so like I did for my other gram Granny's Box of Papers I am going to share them here with my siblings... There's not much compared to Gram's Items but fun to go through anyway. 
Today I am just sharing the love I felt from this matriarch. 
My Nana was a person whom I loved to visit. She always made me feel completely loved just for who I was. When we would go for a visit she would wrap her arms around us and you would feel the love in them. 
Our visits were very far and few between but when we visited it wa…