Snow Fall

This is the best winter season we have had in several years. We sure need it as our reservoirs are very low. Our snow pack in the Sierras is the lowest its been in over 500 years. A lot of the pine and evergreen trees in the mountains are dying off from lack of water for 4+ years. I pray this weather continues all winter long. 

As I sit here this morning the sky's are dark grey, the winds are blowing so hard that the trees are swaying hard and the rain is falling sideways not downward. Chain controls are in effect over the Mount Rose Highway and the Sierra Mountain Range... I will have to cross that way twice today. 

I love the snow... being in it, driving in it and so on and I hold a healthy respect for the dangers it will pose while crossing. 
Usually as winter comes I settle into a restive state where I work on things like blankets, Christmas traditions and such. Well this year so much has been going on that we have had no time to rest or for traditions. 

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is make Gingerbread houses and I had planned on doing just that but every weekend it seems something interrupts my attempt. I usually make them from scratch but it takes two to three days depending upon the humidity in the air to accomplish that. I am still hoping to get one done but but we will see. 


  1. i am so happy you are getting heavy snowfalls! what a relief!

  2. Stay safe on those's to some lovely time to bake up a storm in the kitchen. xxx...Sorry for being such a slack blogging buddy...hope all is well. xxxx


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