One Thousand Gifts

~ More snow falling making it a winter wonderland

~ Long tall hanging ice cycles beautiful but dangerous

~ Sparkling snow flakes glistening like diamonds in the suns rays

~ Tall snow drifts filled with brightly hued snow suits worn by kids as they sled down the drifts

~ My first experience seeing a snow duster (micro tornado)... Extremely beautiful

~ Snow powder swirling into pretty designs as the wind blows over the streets

~ Large clumps of snow falling off trees creating a wall of snow dust... Fun to drive through

~ The crunching sound snow makes as you walk across it

~ The silence snow brings to the world

~ The blessing of water for the high sierras this summer

~ Hearing the call of an Eagle as he soars over head

~ The promise of a snow storm again today

~ Knowing that I am a TRUE Pluviophile but snow comes in second Joy, Joy, Joy

# 575 Elf on the shelf experience and surprise for a long time co-worker leaving at the end of this month to explore other options. (Pictures later)


  1. Those icicles are incredible! Sounds like such a beautiful week!

  2. day I hope my family can experience such beauty.
    Oh look forward to the elf fun pictures too. xx


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