Gram's Cranberry Salad

One thing that we never go without at Christmas dinner is Gram's Cranberry Salad. As children growing up Christmas time was a magical time for us. It was not all about the gifts although that was never far from my mind...

Our auntie and two uncles and all the cousins would show up at our house a few days before Christmas. Those times in my memory are among the very best that I have. We had many fun outside adventures, sometimes we did not go back home until the sun went behind the mountains. Those were the days that children could safely be outside without supervision or worry of being abducted or what ever...

When it came time for dinner one thing we kids wanted was Grams salad, it was fluffy and sweet with just the right amount of tart flavor for our mouthes. As we grew this meal time special was never forgotten. I can remember one year that we somehow forgot this dish and my sister (Who makes it the best) went to the store to purchase the items because dinner would not start with out this delectable delight.

Most people that I introduce this dish to have never heard of it before. I do not know where my Gram found it or if it was a family tradition from when she was a child. We have a very large family and this recipe feeds us all with no leftovers but you can cut it in half for a smaller dish. This will feed depending upon the serving sizes 25 to 30 people. This recipe is very forgiving and can be altered in any way... here is the basic recipe

What you need:
2 bags of fresh whole cranberries (crushed)*
2 cans of chunky pineapple (drained)*
1 to 2 bags of mini marshmallows (I used 1)
1 or 2 large bowls of whipped cream (refrigerated not frozen - I used 1)
Sugar enough to coat cranberries
(Optional) Chopped nuts of your pleasure (we omit this)

The night before wash and sort your berries, look for moldy ones or very soft ones and remove them. Bring out your hand crank meat grinder and grind the berries.*
Coat berries with sugar and leave over night.*
Next morning mix all ingredients together leaving the marshmallow for last the put back in the fridge until ready to serve.

* Note:
Cranberries are hard to tell if they are over ripe. All soft ones are bad and should be tossed. if in question cut it open it should have a whitish or yellowish meaty inside and be firm
I no longer have my meat grinder but my food processor worked just fine but the results are best with a meat grinder because the food possessor makes it to small but it still tastes yummy.
I added the Pineapple to the cranberry sugar mix. Gram sometimes did this and other times she didn't
The chunky pineapple may be to large for and could pose a chocking hazard for those under 5 or even over 80 years old so use shredded pineapple instead


  1. This sounds delicious, Eva and something I'll definitely be adding to my cranberry recipe collection.
    I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you have a wonderful new year filled with good health and much happiness. xo

    1. Thank you Susan..It is really good and not quite what you expect in a cranberry salad. Our holidays were good and scary at the same time but I am a grandma now and he is home and thriving. I hope that your year brings lots of love and happiness and great health as well. xoxo


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