Elf On The Shelf Visits Work

I have had way to much fun with this little guy. I have a co-worker that has been laid off at the end of this year because the Lab office she works in has closed. She is understandably a bit upset. I wanted to do something to cheer her up and remembered this little guy. Again, I think that I had more fun than she did. She was so bugged trying to figure out who was doing this that she spent the last three weeks grilling everyone for answers. You see each night after she left work I set up the next days scene starting with the letter below. I was told that she had a smile on her face each morning and was happy to come into work to see what was next. I would call that mission accomplished!

Here Mistletoe had a visitor by the name of Tinsel helping him make a Christmas garland
 Next day was a snow ball fight between the two of them
 Next was a marshmallow roast and it looks like Mistletoe is a bit infatuated 
 Aw, Tinsel had to leave and it sent Mistletoe into a chocolate binge and hangover
When I came in this night after Mistletoe's binge I found him and the shelf all cleaned up including his face and she had written a note for Tinsel... I laughed so hard because she could not let him sit there with a sugar hangover lol she is so fun. Her note says "Dear Tinsel it seems someone has rendered you ill. Well I'll fix you!!" Then she turned Tinsels note upside down.
After Mistletoe's sugar binge he had some energy to use up so he started to play pranks but Santa's army captured him and tied him up. He was caught red handed with the streamer still in his hand
Well the next day when I came in the whole place had been cleaned up and she put Mistletoe on her shelf with a note attached to his shirt. Again I fell into laughter as she had hidden my little soldiers and freed Mistletoe. I started to suspect that she had grown an attachment to this little guy
 Next Mistletoe visited the Nativity
 After his misbehavior Mistletoe went for some much needed guidance
Next... I found out where she had hidden the soldiers and took them back all except this little one with a ransom note. I had her look for candy canes kinda like a treasure hunt
When I came in she had found all the candy canes and then she taped the soldier upside down on the ransom note... She is so fun
I knew that Mistletoe had to thank her because she had now saved him twice so she received kisses from Mistletoe
 Next he made snowflakes for her
 Then Tinsel, Ginger and Mistletoe had a game night
Then finally this was the last night. It's just a snow scene and he is holding a Christmas ornament that I happened upon that says "When one door closes, another one opens" she loved the ornament and held it to her chest saying that it is so appropriate for what she is going through right now. It was a touching moment between her and us
Lastly this little guy was suppose to sit on her shelf but he is in the back of my car holding her last letter of good bye and a clue as to who it was that did all of this for her. It was Thrusday and I was going to set it up for the morning but I got wind that she was leaving that night for Arizona and would not be back until after Christmas... Soooooooo, I asked for help from our security guard and he took this little guy inside and handed it to her saying that this was for her and the person who dropped it off was not here... lol. we sure had her fooled as to who was doing this for her each night.
Inside the Christmas stocking I had some candy canes, scrabble squares and the note below
So I left a bag of scrabble squares and she worked on it for twenty minutes and it was almost time for her to leave so I had someone go in and help her arrange the squares so that she could know it was me. I had wanted to leave it a secret but everyone told me that it would not be good for her and would drive her crazy... So there you go. I don't know who had more fun... Me or her lol but I accomplished what I had set out to do and that was to distract her for three weeks so that she did not dwell upon her shortened time here.


  1. dearest Eva< what an incredibly special thing you have done for your friend! you have a beautiful heart!

    1. Jandi... Thank you for you very kind words. I don't know who had more fun... she or I? But in the end we both had a good fun talk about the experience

  2. On Behalf Of My Cousin Who Is A " Awesome Cousin " She Took Time 2 Help Me 2 Day 2 Set Up My Blog Site !!!! I Love U Eva !!!

  3. Aw.... I love you to Cuz Thank you


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