Christmas Breakfast with Nana and Poppy

Breakfast morning this year was a delicious one thanks to my BFF and second mom for sending us this breakfast from Swiss colony... It was very delicious! Thank you Diana xoxoxo
The plate above is our grandson's first Christmas breakfast. Obviously a two week old cannot eat this but my fun loving husband handed me this plate and said here is Tay Tay's breakfast. I cracked up. My husband is so funny and always making me laugh. Below is me getting to hold Tay Tay while his parents took their first small trip to the store without him. He has a lot of hair for such a small one. Although he is sleeping here when he is awake you can see in his eyes great intelligence which seems kind of weird. But when he looks up into your eyes it's like looking into the eyes of a very wise soul.
The picture below was taken the day Tay Tay came home from the hospital. My husband in this picture said that his eyes seem very alert and intelligent. Here is where Tay Tay made his first voice noise other than crying. Joe picked him up and said "Hey there, you ready to come home?" and then Tay Tay made a cooing sound. It was quite surprising to hear something other than crying come from him. It made us all stop and smile... It was as if he had answered his Poppy. I love this picture 


  1. Oh how exciting Eva! Congratulations on becoming a Grandma! He is precious!

    1. Thank you Jandi... It's been so much fun


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