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This man... the love of my life... heart of my heart... my husband

#561 Last year in this month of November I started to search out the things in my life I feel blessed to have, experience, see, deal with, and so on. I have learned how to seek out these blessings in my life and appreciate them more fully. It has been a real eye opener and in a way has made me more appreciative of all the things in and around me in life.

Through out our marriage and especially this year the number 1 blessing in my life has been my husband. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this month. To me this is a significant accomplishment considering the attitude of marriage today.

My sweet husband and I have shared many of life's experiences together, some good, some bad, some we never ever want to experience again.  Mostly we have shared with each other the joys of living. We have grown from awkward teenagers into our middle aged lives together.

Looking back through our lifetime of memories I can truthfully say that it was not always an easy ride. We both have different personalities, thoughts, goals and so on and some times they clash but we took the time to work it out. I remember reading a statistic once and it goes something like this,

"Throughout the years of being married you will naturally fall in and out of love... Stay, wait, hold on and soon you will fall back in love. Remember to continually behave in a loving and courteous way to your partner and very soon you will find your self in love all over again."

Although it may sound bad and I feel hesitant about saying this... I have experienced this first hand and so has my husband... we've talked about it to each other.

As an 18 year old I had different views in life and so did my husband. We had things like, expectations, views, needs, goals, likes and dislikes that differed from each other. We had spaces in time where we changed, changed in all the above as you do during normal progression in life. Sometimes this change can lead to a different you and I can attest to this! I am not the person I was when we were married and neither is he.

I can remember through out the years the both of us having this very specific conversation after a very tense few weeks...
"I can see you are changing and all I ask is that you give me some time to catch up with you!"

To which one of us would reply...
"Thank you for talking with and me helping me understand where you are"

That is really just a basic and to the point short example of the both of us asking the one growing and changing to have a bit of patients and hold on until we catch up to each other again.

I have found that it gets really easy to become impatient with your partner during the times you are changing and growing and it causes significant issues, fights and or divorce. All of us grow, learn, dream and desire new things in life when we change in our natural course of life.

But in the working it out you gain a very beautiful relationship worth keeping, a partnership in sync and a love that will withstand most everything in life.

Today my husband and I give to each other 100% not 50-50 like some feel. I try to always take into account his needs and feelings in each choice I make in life. But that being said I love it when he defers to me lol.

SO....... really I guess what I am saying through this long post is that I today am so happy and feel so loved by this man... the one that makes my heart sing and go pitter patter when he walks into a room.

This sweet man lives to make me happy and I only hope that I do the same for him (although I am sure that I am in the negative and he is leading the race lol)

My hope is that even though we all loose it from time to time we need to try and go the extra mile, take time to care and show loving tenderness even if not felt at that moment. Remembering that you chose this person to spend the rest of your life with.... This is and will be one of the most important relationships you will have. It will be the one person you share life's ups and downs with and the one who will care for you when you are down or take care of you when you are unable to do so yourself.

This being my 561st post on my thankful list I have dedicated it to the love of my life and partner... my sweet husband... I love you

P.S. There are some exceptions in life I feel... some significant reasons not to stay... in my opinion they are... Abuse, Drug addiction, Alcoholism and pornography... These destroy and do major harm to the ones who have to suffer through or watch it happen... Each life is important and we should all treat each other in a way that we want to be treated ourselves

This post is not intended to point out things to my family... These opinions are mine only and not reflective of anything you may or may not be going through in the past, present or in the future... Love you all.... Thank you


  1. This is beautiful, Eva! Happy anniversary to you and your husband! You are an example to those arround you! X

    1. Thank you Jandi... You are very sweet xx

  2. What beautiful beautiful words.....thank you for sharing your inspiration and thoughts.Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone. ....and well done of reaching so many thankful joyous moments in life. xxx


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