One Thousand Gifts

 ~ Acquired wood this summer for fun DIY projects, all kinds of Ideas but need to focus on one to start... Tons of ideas running through my head, Pinterest has a plethora of ideas :-)

~ Able to breath a bit better now that my son is out of danger... Hospital neglect  :-(

~ More snow fall in two storms than we had all of last winter. Phew! We sure need it

~ Being given a gift... always so fun to receive

~ Snow... I'm sorry it had to be said again lol I love snow

~ Reading and rereading favorite books

~ Being chosen to host Thanksgiving dinner this year... I love to host party's

~ A new pop up trailer for camping gifted to us... needs repairing but is still usable as is

~ Pumpkin spice foods and drinks everywhere this time of year but my fav is the wax scented melts

#560 Gathering ingredients for the Ginger Bread Houses I am making this month. YAY!!! I love this time of year

Inspired by this lovely lady


  1. Wonderful list! Hope your son is ok.m your gingerbread houses sound fantastic!

    1. Thank you Jandi he is now home and recovering well. We have a nurse come in twice a week to check on him making sure that there is nothing wrong but he is doing great

  2. I hope all is well with your son, Eva. I'm with you on pumpkin spice - I've been enjoying pumpkin spice coffee everyday for the past month. Enjoy making your gingerbread house making - sounds like a fun project.

    1. Thank you Susan he is much better
      Making gingerbread houses has been a tradition in our family from when I was 12 years old. Even though it takes three days to make it proper I love the process and results.


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