One Thousand Gifts

~ The return of snow in this region after a poor snow pack from 2014

~ Rain, Snow, Windy days, Loving it all

~ Back to work after a two week sabbatical

~ Friendships

~ Holiday recipes to enjoy for the next four months (I love winter foods)

~ My Daughter-in-laws home made "Creamy Chicken/Wild Rice Soup" last night
Recipe by "Little Spice Jar" unbelievably good

~ Spending the evening with family watching a fun show

~ Guilty snacks during the show! Fun eating at that time (but sugar hangover next day no fun!)

~ New shoes

~ The return of power to our house after the storm blew it out... Makes me think of what to have handy for the next storm outage

~ Feeling blessed to have power!!! I know some places in other country's don't have access to electricity

~ Receiving a gift from my auntie... My Nana's binder which has all kinds of stuff to go through... so excited

~ Very sweet pictures of my auntie and uncle. Very young at the time and such fun to be around

~ Having them as a example of all aspect in life! I have learned so much from you two

~ Cousins... Life would not be the same without Cousins! I love all my cousins

# 450 Family... Even with all our differences making it work, being together, sharing lifes ups and downs. Love you all!

Inspired by this lovely lady


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