Granny's Box of Papers

Well... I think I have exhausted Granny's box of papers and will end for now... I will add more from time to time if I find worthy items. Although there is much more, I feel some things are just not interesting enough to share. (Any of my siblings want to see more then please stop by)

This picture of my gram was taken in 1975-76? 

She lived in an apartment down the street from us. Gram was raised on a farm and had a love of growing things. Behind her in this picture sits only about 1/4th of the plant life she had growing there in her small space. She also had a couple growing outside the door.

I remember once she purchased a mini banana tree and actually grew mini bananas something that I thought was impossible here in Reno where it is dry and snows but Gram had a very special talent with growing plants.

Grandmama... I have had so much fun going through all your papers. Thank you so much for saving all that for me and our family so that we could remember and learn so much more about you. I love you and miss you so much! Until we meet again

Next I will post items from my other gram... Nana she was my gram on my fathers side


  1. Oh, your Granny sounds like an amazing lady! Love the idea of the mini bananas!

    1. Thank you Jandi she was a formidable woman...

  2. It has been lovely following your Granny's Box of Papers posts. She was obviously a very important person in your life and you were lucky to have her.

    1. Thank you Susan she was vital in all our lives... She had a big part in raising me and I feel blessed to have had her as my gram


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