Granny's Box of Papers

A small Kardlet of facts about the year that my Gram was born... I will share a few
1. Gram was born on a Friday
2. Henry Ford established the first assembly line
3. Income tax imposed by congress 
4. Federal reserve banking system established
5. Los Angles Aqueduct opens 
6. One of the movies of this time was "The Battle of Gettysburg" 
7. Music of this year Danny boy, Peg O' my heart, TOO-RA-LOO-RA-LOO-RAL
8. Fritz Carlson won the Boston Marathon 2hrs, 25 min and 14 seconds
9. The electric refrigerator was invented 
10. Gallon of Gas .12 cents
11. Household yearly income 1,296.00 dollars
12. Born this year was Presidents Ford and Nixon along with entertainer Burt Lancaster
And finally number 
13. Life expectancy was 50 years

Gram lived to be 92 years young... a very long and experienced life


  1. She lived to almost double that life expectancy!

    1. Gram was a really healthy woman, she worked all her life from sun up to sun down except on Sundays. She said that a idle body was unhealthy... well I guess it worked for her. She had her mind up until the day she passed... I sure miss her.


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