First Real Snow Day of October 2015

I am so happy when it snows! I love the beauty it adds to the world, the quietness and peace it provides. Every day whether spring, summer, fall or winter this is the drive I make on my route. Traveling up Mount Rose to Lake Tahoe in all kinds of weather... Sunshine, Rain, Snow and other conditions as well... I have the best job in the world... This snow fall happened yesterday and I hope that it is a sign of things to come as we have had such a lack of snow here. Our snow pack is the lowest it has been in over 500 years and everywhere you look there are evergreen trees dying ... Yikes... It would be nice to have our reservoirs filled up again.


  1. Oh it is beautiful! I agree with you about the quietness snow brings! It also unifies everything! It seems as if we entering a drought... So depressing...

    1. Thank you Jandi... I love the snowy times... It is depressing when there is a drought, I hope it does not last long for you... Ours has been a few years now an hoping that this winter will stop it.


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