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Granny's Box of Papers

Well... I think I have exhausted Granny's box of papers and will end for now... I will add more from time to time if I find worthy items. Although there is much more, I feel some things are just not interesting enough to share. (Any of my siblings want to see more then please stop by)

This picture of my gram was taken in 1975-76? 
She lived in an apartment down the street from us. Gram was raised on a farm and had a love of growing things. Behind her in this picture sits only about 1/4th of the plant life she had growing there in her small space. She also had a couple growing outside the door.

I remember once she purchased a mini banana tree and actually grew mini bananas something that I thought was impossible here in Reno where it is dry and snows but Gram had a very special talent with growing plants.

Grandmama... I have had so much fun going through all your papers. Thank you so much for saving all that for me and our family so that we could remember and learn so much more ab…

One Thousand Gifts

This man... the love of my life... heart of my heart... my husband
#561 Last year in this month of November I started to search out the things in my life I feel blessed to have, experience, see, deal with, and so on. I have learned how to seek out these blessings in my life and appreciate them more fully. It has been a real eye opener and in a way has made me more appreciative of all the things in and around me in life.

Through out our marriage and especially this year the number 1 blessing in my life has been my husband. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this month. To me this is a significant accomplishment considering the attitude of marriage today.

My sweet husband and I have shared many of life's experiences together, some good, some bad, some we never ever want to experience again.  Mostly we have shared with each other the joys of living. We have grown from awkward teenagers into our middle aged lives together.

Looking back through our lifetime of memories I can t…

Granny's Box of Papers

A small Kardlet of facts about the year that my Gram was born... I will share a few 1. Gram was born on a Friday 2. Henry Ford established the first assembly line 3. Income tax imposed by congress  4. Federal reserve banking system established 5. Los Angles Aqueduct opens  6. One of the movies of this time was "The Battle of Gettysburg"  7. Music of this year Danny boy, Peg O' my heart, TOO-RA-LOO-RA-LOO-RAL 8. Fritz Carlson won the Boston Marathon 2hrs, 25 min and 14 seconds 9. The electric refrigerator was invented  10. Gallon of Gas .12 cents 11. Household yearly income 1,296.00 dollars 12. Born this year was Presidents Ford and Nixon along with entertainer Burt Lancaster And finally number  13. Life expectancy was 50 years
Gram lived to be 92 years young... a very long and experienced life

One Thousand Gifts

~ Acquired wood this summer for fun DIY projects, all kinds of Ideas but need to focus on one to start... Tons of ideas running through my head, Pinterest has a plethora of ideas :-)

~ Able to breath a bit better now that my son is out of danger... Hospital neglect  :-(

~ More snow fall in two storms than we had all of last winter. Phew! We sure need it

~ Being given a gift... always so fun to receive

~ Snow... I'm sorry it had to be said again lol I love snow

~ Reading and rereading favorite books

~ Being chosen to host Thanksgiving dinner this year... I love to host party's

~ A new pop up trailer for camping gifted to us... needs repairing but is still usable as is

~ Pumpkin spice foods and drinks everywhere this time of year but my fav is the wax scented melts

#560 Gathering ingredients for the Ginger Bread Houses I am making this month. YAY!!! I love this time of year

Inspired by this lovely lady

Granny's Box of Papers

Mom... Look what I found... I think this paper is around "#%" years old lol. Pretty cool right? A paper that Granny kept with your birth information... I continue to find fun things that really are only important to us kids and other family members but are very fun to go through and record

Pure Bliss

Last Nights Snow Fall November 2015

Granny's Box of Papers (Blaine M. Yorgason)

Here's another poem granny kept. Makes me wonder if this was a conversation I had...

One Thousand Gifts

~ The return of snow in this region after a poor snow pack from 2014

~ Rain, Snow, Windy days, Loving it all

~ Back to work after a two week sabbatical

~ Friendships

~ Holiday recipes to enjoy for the next four months (I love winter foods)

~ My Daughter-in-laws home made "Creamy Chicken/Wild Rice Soup" last night
Recipe by "Little Spice Jar" unbelievably good

~ Spending the evening with family watching a fun show

~ Guilty snacks during the show! Fun eating at that time (but sugar hangover next day no fun!)

~ New shoes

~ The return of power to our house after the storm blew it out... Makes me think of what to have handy for the next storm outage

~ Feeling blessed to have power!!! I know some places in other country's don't have access to electricity

~ Receiving a gift from my auntie... My Nana's binder which has all kinds of stuff to go through... so excited

~ Very sweet pictures of my auntie and uncle. Very young at the time and such fun to be around



Okay I just had to share these pictures... I was up around 8,000 feet and as I turned the bend in the road I ran into a cloud. Hahaha... I love clouds and to be up inside one looks different but still fun. What you cannot see is the valley to the right where this cloud is coming up from as it migrates upwards left. Sooooo cool

First Real Snow Day of October 2015

I am so happy when it snows! I love the beauty it adds to the world, the quietness and peace it provides. Every day whether spring, summer, fall or winter this is the drive I make on my route. Traveling up Mount Rose to Lake Tahoe in all kinds of weather... Sunshine, Rain, Snow and other conditions as well... I have the best job in the world... This snow fall happened yesterday and I hope that it is a sign of things to come as we have had such a lack of snow here. Our snow pack is the lowest it has been in over 500 years and everywhere you look there are evergreen trees dying ... Yikes... It would be nice to have our reservoirs filled up again.

Granny's Box of Papers

Granny loved fun things to read and any chance she got she copied them down. I remember her sharing this one with us