Taking Time

Today was a day meant for meditation...
Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to meditate
My son and I spent a couple hours in this paradise doing just that...
Finding a heart rock
Skipping Rocks
Spending separate time in quite meditation
Singing with music in the car ride home
Feeling a bit better after our visit to the lake
Here's to hoping that all of you find a place to "Take Time"


  1. these are so beautiful Eva! so so beautiful! it looks like such a serene place.

    1. Thank you Jandi It was so very nice! The beach was clear of tourists and quiet... The perfect setting for meditation

  2. absolutely stunning pictures !! I've seen pictures of lake Tahoe a lot recently. I swear it feels like it's calling me to go there. The view actually looks quite similar to a place called Stanley Park I went to in Vancouver, but just a bit nicer. Thanks for sharing these pictures, so glad you had such a lovely time with your son.


    1. Thank you My Froley, Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. Stanley Park looks like a fun place to visit maybe some day I will make it there! I am looking forward to a visit to London to see some of my relatives whom I've not met yet. Every second year they have a family reunion and I am anxious to go! Thank you for visiting my blog

  3. What a truly perfect day you had, Eva. It looks and sounds like it was good for the soul.

    1. Thank you Susan, It was such a nice day... Just what my soul needed right now


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