"Surprise" 75th Birthday Party "Part Two" The Party

Here comes our father. He thinks he is going to a "Surprise Baby Shower" but when he walked through the door he was surprised! Hahahaha we caught you dad
Not being quite sure mom had to whisper this party is for you
 Organically the crowd started to sing happy birthday as he stood there trying to take it all in
 Then everyone rushed up to give him a hug

 This smile you see on his face never stopped

 My father the social butterfly! I love that about him

We had a performance, I gave a small speech about dad and told him that this song was one that represents him standing by us as kids and even today and more of what he meant to me then and today
 So Michael sang the song "Stand by me" and the people loved it! He is a great singer
 I was watching the look on my fathers face! I was so happy to see him sit there and just soak it all in
LOL! My sweet husband... He gave a speech about my father being a conductor of all us kids. Dad went from being a single parent of three to a husband and father of eight kids of which four of us were teenagers and three were preteens and one "our brother" still in elementary school... seven girls and one boy. Phew! Did he really know what he was getting himself into? I do not think so but he passed all our tests with flying colors
 Great picture of dad listening to my husband

After it was all said and done my father stood up to my surprise and gave a speech himself about one time that he took us all camping and we had filled our canteens up with river water and declared that it was the best water that we had ever tasted.... He teased us that it was the deer pee that made it taste so good. well imagine following a car that all of a sudden five water canteens are shoved outside the windows and then emptied while the car was in motion. My father is great!

The only sad part here is that one of our sisters could not make it but she was there is spirit. Below we are making funny faces... I busted up when my dad stuck his tongue out

I love this picture below. Dad followed all around the walls reading the facts from the 40's. You can still see the smile on his face. This party was truly a labor of love. All of us kids contributed in some way, shape or form to make this happen for him. I think we all will have some really great memories of this day for a long time to come.
Happy Birthday Dad... I love you very much


  1. Precious memories! What a wonderful way to celebrate your Dad!

  2. beautiful...and great team work...love the pics of you...you look gorgeous xxx


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