"Surprise" 75th Birthday Party "Part One" The set up

I realized early this year that our father was turning 75. We knew that this would be a big deal to him and us. A couple decades ago we lost him to a major heart attack, they worked and worked on him for hours before he passed. They made the choice to stop and fill out a death form. Well he was not done! at that point he started pulling off all the leads, cords and sat up... surprising everyone. While in the recovery room he told our mother that his father told him it was not his time and he had more work to do. His dear father had been gone for around ten years or so at that point. We feel blessed to have more time with our very loved father. So since February I have been planning this event for us... It really felt more like a planning a wedding event lol but I really enjoyed the process. I had help from all my siblings and I think in the end a wonderful time was had by all! Especially our father.

I wanted to make sure that this party was a big one for our father so I sent out save the date cards and picked a theme of "Sock Hop" Our father was born 1940 which is more the "Flapper" Era but he was a teen in the 50's so 50's it was. We encouraged participants to dress in the 50's style
Making sure to let everyone know on the Invitations that the party was a surprise so our father would not find out. We invited almost two hundred guests and I was sure that someone would let it slip... Well no one did and the surprise went off without a peep from anyone! I am so proud of the kept secret by everyone, that is hard to do sometimes when you are so excited about something the first thing you want to do is share it or talk about it.
I took a large piece of card board and cut it out in the numbers seven and five and then placed black and white printer copies of the pictures from birth to current. This was a big hit and everyone spent time here looking... especially the sibblings
Next I made a place where everyone could add any thing they love about our father, like memories, jokes, funny things or just appreciation for him. My father has touched the lives of many people! I often joke that he can enter a elevator on the first floor with strangers and exit the elevator on the fifth floor best friends... It's just the way he is.
A banner in the 50's theme

The table center pieces with candy spread all around. We purchased these items at our local "Party America"
I took one of the pictures of my father and made napkin rings for the silverware. This picture brought back memories for my father... well I guess the whole party did lol but it was a talking point... not that he needed one! He is so cute making laps around the room talking to everyone 

We had a Sundae bar and below a banner of the prices of food in the 40's. (we had to use painters tape to hang it so it looks weird, they would not let us use clear tape as it peels paint off the walls)
And then around the room I had scene setters, that's the checkered wall paper. Then going all around the room are 75 facts from the year 1940. The top had then, and the bottom had facts from now
This is props that my husband used in his speech about being a conductor with his eight children... It was a good speech
I even had a place to take photos with props like hula hoops, sun glasses, necklaces and more. Part two to come later


  1. What a wonderful occasion! And happy birthday to your Father! What a blessing to have him around for 75 years!

  2. Oh my goodness....no wonder it took a whole year to plan...what a fabulous tribute to your dad.....that will certainly keep new memories going for a long time. xxxx


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