One Thousand Gifts

~ Opportunities arising allowing me to slow down to a small much needed shuffle
~ Clearing my mind, organizing my thoughts, reconnecting with myself and others
~ Meditating, taking time to reconnect with nature, life and it's events
~ Feeling fresh by making changes in my life that affect my day to day rituals
~ The return of cold weather and the opportunities to wear my comfy cold weather clothes
~ Having such a beautiful lake so close by that I can take a day to visit it
~ Being all alone, enjoying the feeling, learning new things, loving the adventure of it all immensely
~ Being inspired by this special woman to do some cooking this week
~ The joy Chester Copper bottom gives to my heart
~ The sunshine filtering through my window shades casting shadows
~ A Party planned from February and pulled off in October successfully
~ A very happy father appreciative of all our work
~ A talk with my auntie
~ The comfort of a man who holds my heart and soul in his hands
~ Choice made for the new color in our bathroom and excitement over starting the job
~ A very sweet, loving, caring cousin who checks up on me just to make sure I'm well. Love u Cuz
~ A blessing from a friend
~ Dinner out with the family something that has not happened in some time
~ A very blessed child adopted to a couple that will cherish her/him for a life time
~ The warmth of my sweet puppies snuggling up to me (might be time for a bath tho lol)
~ Relaxing feeling the fiber-optic painting my mother in law gave me... soothing to watch
# 418 Being inspired by this special friend in many ways but mostly to log the gifts in my life


  1. Sounds like you a finding a new rhythm! Beautiful pictures- what a wonderful place.


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