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One Thousand Gifts

~ Having had a two week holiday

~ Starting back to work today (but would love another 2 weeks lol)

~ Having more time to continue with my writing

~ The abundant love shown to me over this last two week holiday

~ A date out to dinner with the parents

~ Cleaned and smelling much better puppy's (don't mind the snuggling now lol)

~ Cheese enchiladas Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmmm

~ Starting a fun back and forth game with one sister (Free color app)

~ Sharing step by step through pictures another sisters holiday to Disney Land... So cute

~ A cup of hot chocolate on a cold morning

~ A new yummy smoothie recipe... Still cannot convince my husband... he gags just looking at it lol poor guy. He says it's the green color that reminds him of when we had infants... if you get my meaning lol love you my sweet husband

~ Another gift from my mother in law! She is so thoughtful

~ A very good friend who has always been there for me through the years... Love you!

~ Wind Chimes

~ The soft rain that fell…

One Thousand Gifts

~ Opportunities arising allowing me to slow down to a small much needed shuffle
~ Clearing my mind, organizing my thoughts, reconnecting with myself and others
~ Meditating, taking time to reconnect with nature, life and it's events
~ Feeling fresh by making changes in my life that affect my day to day rituals
~ The return of cold weather and the opportunities to wear my comfy cold weather clothes
~ Having such a beautiful lake so close by that I can take a day to visit it
~ Being all alone, enjoying the feeling, learning new things, loving the adventure of it all immensely
~ Being inspired by this special woman to do some cooking this week
~ The joy Chester Copper bottom gives to my heart
~ The sunshine filtering through my window shades casting shadows
~ A Party planned from February and pulled off in October successfully
~ A very happy father appreciative of all our work
~ A talk with my auntie
~ The comfort of a man who holds my heart and soul in his hands
~ Choice made for…

Taking Time

Today was a day meant for meditation... Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to meditate My son and I spent a couple hours in this paradise doing just that... Finding a heart rock Skipping Rocks Talking Spending separate time in quite meditation Laughing  Singing with music in the car ride home Feeling a bit better after our visit to the lake Here's to hoping that all of you find a place to "Take Time"

"Surprise" 75th Birthday Party "Part Two" The Party

Here comes our father. He thinks he is going to a "Surprise Baby Shower" but when he walked through the door he was surprised! Hahahaha we caught you dad Not being quite sure mom had to whisper this party is for you  Organically the crowd started to sing happy birthday as he stood there trying to take it all in  Then everyone rushed up to give him a hug

 This smile you see on his face never stopped

 My father the social butterfly! I love that about him