One Thousand Gifts

~ Gold ribbon clouds last night (have I ever mentioned that I love clouds? lol)

~ Watching my project start to come together after eight months... one more to go (more on this later I promise)

~ The turning of foliage everywhere announcing the return of cooler weather to come! Yay

~ Brand new crisp linens

~ A learned folding & stuffing technique for fitted sheets & sheet sets making my closet look much more organized

~ A Birthday surprise dinner made and enjoyed by my father in law... I love to cook for him it makes my heart happy and because he enjoys it so much Recipe found here This one is a keeper! sooooooo good

~ Being invited by him to share his home cooked birthday meal! which I did not plan on and tasted "OH" soooo good! Did I mention that this recipe was good? lol

~ Sharing a good laugh with my sweet husband over our little dogs who's antics are sometimes extremely comical

# 377 Feeling much better after a small set back for a couple months! This getting old thing is standing in the way of many things I have going on in life!!! lol but my illness has given me a new perspective on life that I would not otherwise have had!

Inspired by this lovely lady


  1. so glad to hear you are feeling better! love that cloud description- just perfect! lovely image! have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thank you Jandi, Clouds are one of my favs...

  2. That photo is beautiful! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better too Eva, look after yourself xx


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