Granny's Box of Papers

Part 3 of 3
This magazine was printed the same year that my Granny was born. This must have belonged either to her mother or her grandmother before her. But the great thing is that she kept it all these years. Again I cannot help but wonder how many times she leafed through the pages wishing for some things within.

Unpleasant duty... Looks like there was dishonesty going on even in that year... Below the measurements for their attire 
 Jewelry... Some styles still in fashion today 
Every gentle woman would not be found without a handkerchief... today a sleeve will do... just kidding
 Time pieces
 Hair accessories 
 Children's clothes

 Woman's unmentionables

 Fur... There was no PETA back then
 Styles for the wealthy woman of that day

 Carefulness in manufacturing
This was on the first page... an example of the first coat made by the "National" 25 years ago in 1888-1889... Can you imagine? I love the dress and coat but cannot see myself wearing either for everyday wear and doing work around the house... Or was this for the rich only and they had maids to everything for them but sat around doing cross stitch themselves? Any way, I love the look


  1. Wow, these photos are amazing Eva, what a treasure! I especially love the jewellery and lace, so elegant xx

    1. They are a lot of fun! I am sure glad that my gram saved things! xxxx


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